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Dina's Silk Face Masks


Wearing face masks has become "the norm," which is a reality we never saw coming. However, the high volume of masks being used has created a controversy on whether or not they are beneficial for your skin. 


Covid 19 negatively impacted many small businesses, causing them to suffer huge losses and even shut down. Consequently, I was motivated to collaborate with and support local businesses in Amman, Jordan, such as tailors and fabric stores. To create reusable silk face masks. 


After weeks of research, the face masks I created featured three layers of fabric: a cotton inner, a polyester interlining filter, and an outer made entirely of silk- with an adjustable elastic band. 

I'm very happy to say that not only did this project help support small businesses. it was also environmentally friendly since the masks can be washed and reused instead of single-use masks that contribute to waste pollution.

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